Two children rotate pizza dough

Two children enjoy spinning pizza dough. In the Carmine's Pizza Factory pizzeria in Jersey City, New Jersey, Michael (10) and Nicholas (12) testa have fun spinning pizza dough and tossing it into the air. The two children even arrive from the passes. With more than 20 million views on Facebook, the two boys have become […]

A child climbs on the back of a beef

A 4 year old child jumps on the back of an ox lying in a field. The scene happened in Valdosta in the State of Georgia in the United States. A dad promised $ 20 at Asher, his 4 year old son, if he could ride on the back of the ox. The child has […]

The joy of a child who receives her first rifle...

A child receives a gun and cries of joy. In the United States, parents have offered their daughter Presley, a young teenage girl, a gift that makes him extremely happy: his first gun, a Beretta 686 (size 12). Presley shouts of joy, takes the box in his arms to hug him "that's crazy!" I can't […]

Call 911 !!!

A child trying to get down a staircase to ATV. But everything will not happen as planned. Seeing the child lose control of the situation, a woman's going to shout "Call 911!". Finally, the child ended up in turning against a wall along the stairs. The video has been parodied and remixed with music The […]

A child with bulging eyes

In the city of Sargodha in Pakistan, a child has a talent, he is able to get out her eyes from their Sockets. Interviewed by a man, the child demonstrated live on Facebook Live. He released the globe of their orbit, the left, right or both, at his convenience.

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