A policeman saves an autistic kid

Last Sunday, Constable Aaron Bulmer performed a round in the park of Topeka, a city in the state of Kansas, when he saw an autistic child aged 4 years falling into a pond under his eyes. The policeman then threw himself in the water to help the little boy who was drowning. The child was […]

A child on a bike is distracted by a pub

A child on his bike distracted by advertising on a van. April 23, 2017, in Stockholm in Sweden, Anders was walking with his nephew Dali when he saw a van of a strip club (private Club) parked along the sidewalk. He took out his phone to send video to a friend. But he wasn't the […]

A mascot protects a child of a baseball ball

Albert the alligator mascot protects a young fan of a baseball. Tuesday, April 18, 2017 for a Florida Gators baseball game, a foul ball (foul ball) went straight for a child in the stands. Fortunately, he was able to rely on the mascot of the team, Albert the Gator sitting next to him, to protect […]

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