Kid VS Goat fart ???

A little boy brushes a goat when the animal contracts suddenly by releasing a flatulence. Frightened, the child pushes a cry away from the goat.

Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius takes the defense of his player

Basketball game or a child's birth? The question not to ask Sarunas Jasikevicius. During the semi-final of the Lithuanian basketball championship, the basketball player Augusto Lima (Žalgiris Kaunas) left in the middle of the game to witness the birth of his first child. During the post match press conference, a reporter interviewed the coach Sarunas […]

Two young rappers freestyle in the street

Yorday Martínez and Jhonxitho Acevedo are two young Colombian rappers very well known in their country. They can be seen here demonstrating their talents by performing a very lively rap freestyle in a pedestrian street in Cartagena in front of tourists delighted to witness such a performance.

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