Incredible line in ski

This video is entirely filmed by GoPro and it's really nice cause you live the moment. Yes, another ski video but it's the end season so we have to take advantage of it before it totally ends. In this one, it's Léo Taillefer skiing the "Vallée perdue" at Val d'Isère, France. I did some ski […]

Oscar the Pug Fail

In a forest, Oscar the pug is running behind another dog because their mistress calls them. The first dog jumps brightly over a tree trunk in the way but Oscar jumps too early and takes the trunk on his neck, don't worry Oscar is not hurt. This impact was filmed in slow motion.

Best MTB jump ever

I think you'll like this awesome jump over 8 persons. On a flat road, this great guy jumps over 8 persons riding a mountain bike. 8/8 for this great jump !

Base Jump

Red bull is known for making extreme sports videos, it is currently the largest sponsor for skateboarding,base-jump , motocross or BMX. This video of base-jump is happening in Moab Utah on fishers tower, guys are impressive and are incredibly accurate . I let you admire the beauty of the landscape.

Horses diving into a pool

This video has been filmed with a 8mm film in 1960. Several horses climb a diving board at 65 feet and jump in a pool. “Diving horse” was invented in the 19th century by William “Doc” Carver after blowing his horse half of a collapsed bridge. Note the original film was silent, the sound effects […]

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