Jump of his life in ski !

Last week, the American skier Devin Stratton was caught by a cliff and made an impressive drop of 30 metres by off-piste on the Mount Timpanogos in Utah. Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the thick blanket of snow and he suffered no injury. Devin has similarly broke some equipment, including his helmet, and lost […]

A dog jumps over dogs

Close to São Paulo in Brazil, a border collie plays leapfrog with his friends. While standing on his hind legs, he makes a round trip by jumping over 3 other dogs that are lying on a road.

Ski jump fail (bis)

In the Keystone ski resort in Colorado, a skier wanted to jump over electric containers. Bad idea. The man typed both skis on a container and instantly removed his two skis. After a pretty face in the air, he fell violently on the snow. Balance of the operation for the skier, 8 broken ribs and […]

Jumping from a tree Fail

What could go wrong? In Australia, a man tries to jump into the water of a lake from the branch of a tree. No luck, the branch has yielded under its weight. When falling, the man broke another branch with his back and bounced back on his back on a third branch before finishing his […]

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