A reporter repels a woman by touching her chest

During an interview broadcast live on the BBC News channel, journalist Ben Brown pushed a student from Bradford University by touching her chest. In return, the young woman put a big pat on the shoulder before moving away from the camera. A few minutes later, Ben Brown apologized by saying that it was a totally […]

This TV presenter was not ready !

During a newscast on ABC News Australia journalist Natasha Exelby has not warned his back on air after the end of the story. It was filmed in flag daydreaming with its pen in the hands. In perceiving that she is on the air, the stunned presenter made a funny face.

MuslimBan fan VS French journalist

Martin Weill, a journalist of the "Quotidien" a french TV show, went to the airport in Los Angeles, California, to go to meet some favorable to the "Muslim Ban" American demonstrators, a decree anti-immigration signed by Chairman Donald Trump prohibiting, for a period of 90 days, the entry to nationals of 7 countries with a […]

Interruption of live broadcast

Sometimes there are strange things happening during live broadcast and this is why live are so cool 🙂 Cause you can see this type of freako coming from nowhere and exposing his big theory to the world !

Adrian Gee is a fake

Okay, this is one of my favorite revelation, you heard well this guy Adrian Gee is a liar. This is one of type of videos that I really don't like, this is so subjective and not the reality, after these social experiments filmed in the street you have a mounting, and you can say whatever […]

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