Zombie Apocalypse

She is still drugged after a surgery wisdom teeth, and his brothers will try to make a joke to their little sister : a zombie Apocalypse is occurred. Everything starts with an alert message broadcast on radio, and a phone call from the mother, who is accomplice. The sister will have to choose between saving […]

Bath For Cat

In Brazil, a cat jumps on the lid of a tank of water from the roof of a house. Unfortunately for the animal a person wants to have fun, he connects a rope to remove the lid at the last moment. The bath is inevitable for the poor cat who doesn't love the water and […]

New Superhero

An employee plays the superhero with two high pressure cleaners in a car wash. He leads the two jets in the direction of the ground and he flies of few centimeters like a king and he falls after this moment of grace. This is just amazing, I don't have two pressure cleaners at my home […]

Strip Against Hair

A man is peacefully lying down on his couch when one of his pals gonna put a peeling strip on his thigh. The guy will try to remove this strip of hell and his friend gonna help him. But when he starts to remove the first strip, an another accomplice gonna put a second strip […]

Cat vs Sticker

Glue an antenna on a young cat, wait and see his reaction. This is just hilarious, he doesn't understand what is happening to him and want to catch the intruder ! This is so cute, sometimes you don't need a very expensive toy for have fun with his pet. After few minutes of laughs of […]

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