I Am A Penis

The magician and Londoner joker Julius Dein offers an IQ test to passersby: he asks them to repeat the words NES EYE M.A.P as quickly as possible. The trapped people find themselves saying "I'm a Penis." The most funny in this video its to see several people are not fast with their minds... And honestly […]

Exorcism Fail

During a hidden camera in the Brazilian emission Programa Silvio Santos broadcasted on June 5 on the STB television channel, personal assistants are hired to take care of a sick girl who is lying in her bed. But the evening quickly turns into a nightmare for women trapped when they find the girl possessed by […]

Honk If Your Horny

In Australia, Dylan had fun to make a joke to his father by putting a sign " honk if you're hot! " on the back of his Jeep. During a car ride, the father becomes enraged and begins to insults and not understanding why other drivers continue to honk him. For information Dylan trap regularly […]

New Train In Serbia

In the city of Niš, Serbia,the motorists are stopped to a crossing to let the first sebian fast train. And if you love tecnology this is just amazing : The train can carry two men, and it does not need electricity gas or fuel for operate...It uses the human energy ! I am joking this […]

Really Cool Pale

A few months ago, a woman had to undergo the jokes of her Australian boyfriend Shammi. This time, the young man attacked his best friend Jackson O'doherty with jokes of the same level. I don't know if we can talk about a level I think his jokes have made by a child of 6 years […]

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