Joke with a kettle

A man makes a joke to his roommate using a kettle he placed on the fire of a stove ... SPOILER: On hearing the acute sound so characteristic of the kettle, the roommate goes to the stove and removes the Kettle of fire, then he realizes that it was really his friend who imitated the […]

Old man makes Hitler joke

On the street, an old English man talks to young people about the Second World War. He then spoke to them of the German leader of the armies, Adolf Hitler. I ask them if they know the size of Hitler and if they know where he lived. One of the young men replied that he […]

Carpenter's joke

A carpenter makes believe to his colleague that he planted a staple in the finger. He asks for help to remove it. His colleague will take a long time to understand the joke .

Come, Have A drink !

Sunday, June 5, 2016 during the final of the Legends Trophy over 45 years at Roland Garros, Yannick Noah was bored at the net on the court and offered his opponent to get a drink. During a lengthy exchange between Goran Ivanisevic and Cedric Pioline, Yannick Noah saw that as his opponent Sergi Bruguera was […]

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