WTF sunday #8

We always talk about Russia or Russians, but we forgot the best country for the WTF Sunday. JAPAN ! It's always strange ideas, because they have a different knowledges, and YES that's funny ! In this video if you don't know Dragon Ball Z you'll don't understand why this is so strange to using Cell […]

Ravioli engine made in Japan

The Japanese are always ahead of their time. Two inventors have created an engine which can made a ravioli in only 3 seconds! This video shows the ravioli production with many steps filmed in slow motion. We can see the secret of the ravioli seasoning to the cooking (always in the crazy Japan ambiance). Of […]

Paper war

Beautiful and funny animation made by a japan team. A paper guy sees a beautiful girl in front of him, he falls in love with her, but does not know how to reach the girl. And there comes a second competitor... Battle Begins !

Japanese game show compilation

Many videos sequences of the best or crazy japanese games. Despite their Zen culture and their sense of honor, when it is a game show the japanese forget their principles that make them famous. How you can see they have no limits.

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