Japanese Prime Minister enters motorway

Japanese Prime Minister and his retinue fit on a highway. In Japan, when Prime Minister Abe Shinzō between the highway, the men of the procession beckon motorists to slow down. The men dressed in black suit with white gloves do not hesitate to get out of the car the upper body to reach out and […]

Virtual Waifu

Gatebox is a new type of virtual assistant developed in Japan. Like Amazon Echo or Google Home, Gatebox is there to serve you, help you and interact with you. But Gatebox goes further than other wizards since it takes the form of your favorite manga character and becomes like a virtual girlfriend (Waifu). For now, […]

Pushers push passengers back into the subway

During the rush hour, three "pushers" help the last passengers to enter a subway in Tokyo, Japan. The Oshiya (Pusher in Japanese) are responsible for the safety of the passengers, before and after the departure of the train of the train, and must help the users to enter the crowded wagons. A video by photographer […]

A race of bike for kids :)

In Osaka, Japan, 4-year-olds are racing. 12 children equipped with helmet are at the start of this race of bicycle without pedals. The children must push on their legs to advance and take the best trajectory in the corners. Watch out for falls!

World's shortest train

Stopped at a crossing in a city in Japan, one person filmed the stealth passage of the world's smallest train. SPOILER: This is a fake offered by Henteko.net.

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