Curious cats VS vacuuming bot

Curious cats See a robot cleaner for the first time. The owner of a cat bar in Fukui, Japan, acquired a cleaning robot. The curious cats will approach this funny object. But a cat will get scared when seeing the robot spin and all the other cats will take the leak by slipping on the […]

Challenge: Get out a gold bar of a glass box

Move at 4:30 if you want to go straight to the action. Will you go out with bare hands a 12.5 kg Gold Bar of his glass box? In this episode of the Japanese TV show Knight Scoop, the team received a letter from a student who speaks of a mysterious gold impossible out of […]

A KO in one second for a sumo

During a sumo tournament, the wrestler Musashikuni Mamu (1 m 85 and 145 kg) managed to knock his opponent Tomisakae Ryutaro (1 m 68 and 110 kg) in a second. Early in the fight, Musashikuni has produced a "kachi-age" (blow to the jaw allowed to sumo) with his right forearm. His opponent fell KO on […]

Secret toilets in a Japanese restaurant

In the Chinrai restaurant in Kashiwa, Japan, toilets are hidden behind a library. To open the door and access the secret room, you must operate DVDs on the shelf. A bit like Batman when he goes into his Batcave

A shifumi tournament to select a singer

Since 2010 in Japan, the AKB48, one of the most famous female groups of J-pop, organizes tournaments of shifumi (stone-leaf-scissors) for its fans. This year, the stakes were high because the annual tournament, which took place last October, made it possible to select a new singer. AKB48 is composed of several subgroups. Each subgroup must […]

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