A suction cup and a Rube Goldberg machine for napping in metro

Joseph, the YouTube channel "Joseph's machines", we present a trick to sleep peacefully in the subway without risking falling into the driveway or on its neighbors. With a suction cup attached against a window and connected to his hat with a rope, Joseph can take a nap in peace. He also made a Rube Goldberg […]

The monowheel bike is not that new

Maybe you never saw or you don't know what's a monowheel bike but this idea comes from time to time when someone claims he invented a new revolutionary bike. As this really old video shows, it's not a new idea. It's even a very old idea and if I can trust wikipedia, it's from 1860s... […]

Air pump on steroids !

I love this kind of invention, humans can be so much creative when we need to be lazy. Ok, this is a little bit heavy to carry when you're on your bike but man, no sweat to inflate your flat tire. Isn't it so cool ? I want to buy one right now ! Please […]

Original Bike

The Dutch inventor Bruin Bergmeester has developed the "Lopifit" a mix between a scooter, a bike and a treadmill. Walking on it, you press a dynamo that powers an electric motor positioned at the rear wheel. Where you charge the battery this provides a range between 30 and 40 km. The Lopifit allows to travel […]

A music box with 2000 marbles

This is just awesome, this is one of the biggest buzz of the moment, can you imagine one second the work for create a machine like that ? This guy knows, and his name is Martin Molin ! At the beginning you will think he is like a mad scientist, but he is just a […]

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