Attacked by a snake in an Internet café !

A man attacked by a snake emerging from an Internet café. April 8, 2017, Wiset Chai Chan in Thailand, a man coming out an Internet café was surprised to see a snake (rat snake) jump on him. The panic customer struggled little academically, but he managed to Dodge his attack and mostly avoided being bitten.

I Really, Really, Really Like This Image

Hot Dad has produced a video clip for his song 'I Really, Really, Really Like This Image' he wrote with comments of a hedgehog photo posted on Facebook. The lyrics are based on a conversation about the same Naked Banana, who was born on April 27, 2010 on Facebook. This meme represents a "naked" banana […]

The most hated man of Internet

I have probably heard of him before, but I resume why this is the most hated man of Internet. Martin Shkreli augmented the price by 55,55 ! 13,50 $US and now 750 $US !!! of a medication against the HIV the Daraprim. This is just immoral, and Martin justify that by a ridiculous argument, this […]

The 2015 Compilation

If you have to watch one video, you need to watch this one. Why ? Cause there are all the coolest videos posted in 2015 on Internet. This is a very big compilation and you're gonna lost 21 minutes watching this. What, I just said lost, I mean win 🙂 Do not rely on this […]

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