Weird Idea

Mundo Aventura theme park in Bogota, Colombia, has launched the 'Scream to Go ", in collaboration with the communication agency DDB Colombia. In the most extreme attractions, visitors have a headset to record their screams. Each scream is then transferred to a sound device placed under the lid of a glass jar. You just have […]


This invention is useless but funny ! This guy is french and he invented a ski combination, but not like what you think ! He put a lot of little skis everywhere and he can down a ski slope with all of parts of his body, you better to be good because if you fall […]

Aladin in town

I watched it again and again, this Vine is so effective simple and SO HILARIOUS ! Lupe Garzia has a good idea with his halloween disguise, he uses the new segway and a carpet for imitate Aladin ! He goes to the supermarket, or takes his burger dressed like that. 😀

Human in 1000 years

I really like this youtube channel its name is AsapSCIENCE they don't claim to telling the truth but only theories. And this video shows some ideas about future humans, I don't know if you will be like me after I watched this animation but I am little worried about this future. Maybe if the progress […]

Revolution for the honey harvest

This is so ingenious and a revolution for the beekeepers, before when you have to harvesting the honey you must to destroy all of the beehive... Now with this concept called : " Flow Hive " This idea came from Cedar Anderson and his father, because he didn't want to see all of his bees […]

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