Horse vs Alligator

A wild horse violently attacks an alligator in the natural park of Paynes Prairie, Florida. After initially linking the large reptile with four other horses, the horse came out brush to give paw to the alligator. The latter still attempted to defend themselves by trying to bite the legs of the horse. The reserve officials […]

A horse race WTF

Jump to 1:18 if you want to skip the normal race ! When the jockeys forget their GPS during a horse race. The scene happened July 7, 2015 Castera Verduzan during the price of volunteer Racecourse. The commentator and the spectators attended a crazy race, if WTF. Everything started the first of an obstacle after […]

A horse starts to run with a not enough experienced rider (POV)

In the United Kingdom, Nick Bull went for a walk in nature with Shamrock, a retired race horse when the animal suddenly starts to run on the dirt road. Far from also experienced a jockey, Nick Bull trying somehow to hang on at Shamrock him screaming to stop, but the horse continues his crazy race […]

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