Impressive and slow avalanche in Canada !

Hikers witnesses an impressive thaw. During a hike in the Canadian Rockies, Spanish tourists were able to see a snow slide down the mountain. A nice sight to see, but that is dangerous. Each year, hikers or skiers are carried away by this type of avalanche. The action begins at 1:40

The worst hike is in Poland

In Poland, a hiker filmed a traffic jam in a footpath leading to the summit of Mount Giewont. If they were looking for a little peace, this is a big fail. This is a popular and accessible hike, which is why there are so many people. The Giewont culminates at 1894 meters altitude.

Landslide in Argentina

During a 3 days trek on Andes Mountains more precisely on Aconcagua Mont in Argentina a group of hikers were surprised by a huge landslide. They were crossing a small torrent and in one second this small torrent grows up to a dangerous river ! This phenomena happens a lot during this season cause glaciers […]

A bunch of old hikers

During a hiking at Arosa in Switzerland, some old hikers try to be smart and to play with a huge swing made of a big tree trunk. At the beginning, everything was going well but as you can expect if this video is here, something funny will happen. I let you discover what even if […]

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