Harassed by a driver, a cyclist takes revenge

A cyclist takes revenge after she was harassed by the driver of a van. The scene filmed by a biker took on A5204 Street in London. The driver of a van approached a woman on a bike who waited at a red light. He began by asking his phone number which doesn't like the woman […]

Weird interview about catcalling

During a report against street harassment (Catcalling), a man won't be able to stop whistling women that he sees. Patrick Jones channel YouTube Buzz60 went on a street in New York City to make a few microphones-sidewalks and the views of passers-by on street harassment. But he fell on a case. Questioned man can't stop […]

Whistling at your mom

I know, this title is pretty embarrassing but it's really what you'll see in this video. It's a TV show in Peru where mothers of sexual harassers make up to look younger and pretty and pass nearby theirs sons. You'll see the reactions of mothers earing what theirs sons say. It's priceless 🙂

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