Lucky and Idiot guy

Don't worry this video does not contain violent images ! Lying down on his bed, a man plays to the russian roulette with a true gun. If the first try, nothing happened but the second try is not the same story... You can see clearly the bullet crossing his head but don't worry this is […]

Keanu Reeves is a Badas*

With his training for his role in the movie John Wick 2, the American actor Keanu Reeves shows us his skills of shooter with this video uploaded by the American armory Taran Tactical Innovations. With an Assault rifle, a gun or a shotgun the actor of speed or the Matrix trilogy destroys all of the […]

Gun for drones

This technology is ingenious and a peaceful idea to resolve a conflict or just a mistake. All of the drone drivers are not criminals, often they just don't know what they risk when they fly in a restricted area. The " gun " uses the frequencies of the common ISM bands, and isolates the GPS […]

Ready for Trump

Oh my gosh they are unbelievable I don't know who is the worst, the guy in bike who film and think he is a god with his friends around him ? Or the texan guy who has a GUN on his car and threats the biker without think about the consequences. Yes I don't know […]

Is Titanium Bulletproof

This title resume all of the scenes in this video ! You will see the guy from the youtube channel Demolition Ranch who tries to make a hole in a titanium plate. It is particulary thick, and he tries his challenge with a lot of different calibers, he starts with the little like a gun […]

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