New sport : Shooting skaters !

A new sport that begins to be talked about, hunting skaters with a rifle. It is obviously a skilful montage with images of men shooting a rifle and images of falls in skateboard.

Rifle ball VS Tears of Glass (Slowmotion)

Tears of glass have the characteristic of being very resistant to shocks, but they spray as soon as their point is broken. Destiny Sandlin of the YouTube Channel Smater Every Day wanted to see how tough the glass tear was by pulling it with a rifle bullet. The slow-motion scene at 150,000 fps allows us […]

Bad Santa (TomSka)

A little girl gets up on Christmas Eve and catches Santa Claus laying the gifts in her living room ... A sketch made by TomSka.

I'll do anything

While he is about to be killed and buried in a forest by two malefactors, a man is ready to do anything to save his skin ... "I'll Do Anything" is A short film directed by Tyler Falbo. SPOILER: The man is the victim of a diabolical blow of his ex-girlfriend who forces him to […]

A redneck cuts a Christmas tree

How to cut an American Christmas tree? In a snowy forest, a redneck shows us how an American cuts his Christmas tree. A chainsaw in his hands, the man explains that he will not use it and that he prefers to use a rifle with a loader filled with "60 rounds of freedom". After having […]

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