Un policier tire sur un acteur !

T'as kiffé cette miniature de merde ? Oui bah j'ai vu que c'était de la merde mais j'ai trop la flemme de la changer. Cette scène s'est déroulée lors du tournage d'un petit film à la con ou un acteur braque une boutique avec une fausse arme à feu. Sauf que la police n'est pas […]

Lucky shot with a nerve gun

He manages a lucky shot with a nerve gun. His mother was reading a magazine in the couch, trying to shoot him in the mouth with a nerve gun. Perfect shot, because the projectile went to stick in the chewing gum she was chewing.

Fail instructor in a shooting range

When a monitor shot shouldn't be shooting instructor. In a shooting range in Las Vegas, the Regis instructor shows how to use a 44 Magnum revolver. But accidentally, it will pull the trigger and shoot. And the question "Did you mean to do that?", the instructor answers Yes. But I have some doubts 🙂

The joy of a child who receives her first rifle...

A child receives a gun and cries of joy. In the United States, parents have offered their daughter Presley, a young teenage girl, a gift that makes him extremely happy: his first gun, a Beretta 686 (size 12). Presley shouts of joy, takes the box in his arms to hug him "that's crazy!" I can't […]

Shooting range

A man travels to a rifle in a shooting gallery, but it is obviously at the stage of apprentice shooter... An advertisement for food supplements of the German pharmaceutical company Doppelherz.

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