Dance of arms

In this choreography by Nadim Cherfan, a girl dances in front of other girls in perfect coordination giving the impression that she has dozens of arms. The choreography, probably inspired by the shows "Buddha with 1000 Hands" performed by deaf dancers, was performed by Lebanese choreographer Nadim Cherfan from Beirut.

Girls twerk on a coffin during a funeral

A funeral WTF to the Venezuela with girls who dance the twerk on the coffin. The scene took place early March on a street in Caracas in Venezuela during the funeral of a man. There is music, party, girls dance the twerk, you would think at a wedding or a birthday, but it comes to […]

Play dodgeball with a softball player

When you're playing dodgeball with a softball player. In a gymnasium in the city of Bloomington-Normal (Illinois), several girls play ball to prisoners, but they have a contender, a softball player who occupies the position of pitcher (pitcher). It uses the technique of the throw down to shoot the ball with precision and a formidable […]

A maintenance officer gives a lesson to high school girls

In a high school, a maintenance officer complained to the Director: a group of girls likes to regularly leave traces of red lipstick on mirrors of the school toilets. The Director decides to take things in hand, but this only worsens the situation. The maintenance officer then finds an idea to give a good lesson […]

4 girls vs 1 rat !

Four girls make out a rat of a House. Armed with brooms, all refugees in height (throne, bucket, or stool), they try to get out this home intruder. The rat took refuge in the bathroom, one of the girls comes to dislodge it. The panic rat goes down the stairs and trying to enter a […]

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