She bangs the horse of a policeman (Instant Karma)

During a welcome party at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, a girl had the bad idea to give a slap on the back of the horse of a policeman. The animal responded by giving him a shoe shot in the back, sending the student face first on the floor. In a statement, the police explained […]

#100layersofclothes fail !

Andrea wanted to meet the challenge of the "100 layers of clothing" (# 100layersofclothes) but the girl did not think to put clothes increasingly large to accommodate the thickness. Only home and unable to take off her clothes, she started to panic before the camera. She said on Twitter have used two of her friends […]

Weird police car driving

A Noblesville, Indiana, a motorist noticed that a police car had a strange behavior. His car was weaving on the road. Was the police drunk or distracted ? We quickly discovered why with the girlfriend who filmed the entire scene. SPOILER : You can see a woman get up from the crotch of the policeman. […]


On a clear summer night, the Swedish artist Jonna Jinton called a herd of cows by using the voice technique "Kulning" Scandinavian traditional call used in the historical province of Dalarna in Sweden but also in Norway to group (cows, goats, etc.) in medieval times. Because of its sharp sound really specific, it was used […]

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