Drugs VS hands

During the festival of electronic music Wobbleland 2017 organized in San Jose, Calif., a girl who is probably under the influence of a drug discovered his hands on the Irish singer Enya's "Only Time" music. Installation proposed by Vital Events.

Slutdrop fail (dance move)

A girl miss her slutdrop (dance move). Saturday night, Bonnie tried to make a wife drop (dance movement which is to bend down as to a squat) on the Greatest Love of All in Whitney Houston music. Unfortunately, there was a sharp object behind her that she had not seen. And stooping, the object is […]

When your buddy moves in with his girlfriend

Stern moved in with her girlfriend. He folds the linen with her when he rings at the door ... It's his friend, except that Stern does not recognize him. It will take a few moments before Tel remembers his old buddy with whom he made the 400 shots. Stern does not understand what is happening […]

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