The joy of a child who receives her first rifle...

A child receives a gun and cries of joy. In the United States, parents have offered their daughter Presley, a young teenage girl, a gift that makes him extremely happy: his first gun, a Beretta 686 (size 12). Presley shouts of joy, takes the box in his arms to hug him "that's crazy!" I can't […]

A certificate of adoption as a Christmas gift

An 11-year-old receives an adoption certificate as a Christmas gift. Landon lives with his mother and his father-in-law Daniel and he has always wanted to be adopted by his father-in-law to bear among others the same name as him. On Christmas Day, disguised as Spiderman, the child discovered in his gifts an adoption certificate. A […]

Bad Santa (TomSka)

A little girl gets up on Christmas Eve and catches Santa Claus laying the gifts in her living room ... A sketch made by TomSka.

Look what Justin Bieber does...

This poor little girl was doing good on Christmas, she was opening her gift and everything was well until this bad ticket for a Justin Bieber show show up and ruin the day. Look how she is after seeing this, a total mess. She'll need a ton of psychoanalysis to make it right one day. […]

Christmas gift

Oh my gosh I laughed a lot with this ad ! At the beginning you see a beautiful family happy for the Christmas presents, they wear very kitsch sweatshirt, with head of a deer... At one moment you see the son looking his grandpa, he seems be sad and alone, and he has no gifts... […]

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