Sheep wants to run race (Munich)

What do sheep do when they see people running? Well, they run with them, because they're sheep! On 7 May 2017 in Munich, Germany, nearly 600 sheep who were coming out of a field ran with the riders of the "Wings for Life World Run" charity race. With the sheep there were also a few […]

Opening a keg of beer Fail

Opening a beer keg goes as planned. In a tavern in Bavaria in Germany (during the beer Aischgründer Bierstrasse road), a young man trying to open a beer keg. Using a hammer, tap in a tap to drill the barrel, he breaks without intentionally make the pitcher intended to relaying the beer. After picking up […]

Donald Trump refused to shake hands with Angela Merkel

During the official visit to the United States of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Donald Trump has cast a chill in front of cameras and reporters at the White House. While the latter encouraged the two heads of State to shake hands, Angela Merkel asked the question "Do you want that we shake hands?" to […]

A police dog dropped a woman on train tracks

Last Sunday, the dog of a policeman knocked down a woman on a railway at the central station of Nuremberg, Germany. The police officer was holding his dog on a leash while he was conducting patrols on the station platform when a woman is placed near the animal never stopped barking. Surprised, the muzzled dog […]

The biggest beetle in the world

The German YouTuber Adrian Kozakiewicz (Insecthaus) shows us a Satanic Hercules, the biggest the world rhinoceros beetle. The man likes to hold it by the Horn. The insect, which is no longer the legs that touch the ground, starts to flap their wings to fly. The noise is impressive. The Satanic Hercules is considered to […]

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