Twin children having fun during night

When the time came to go to sleep, Andrew and Ryan, twins of 2 years, benefit from the night for fun in their room. They come out of their bed and moving cushions to make a heap on which they happily throw themselves between two discussions on a couch. Parents, Jonathan and Susana Balkin, of […]

Hell descent in tandem kayak ! #GoPro

Rush Sturges and Ben Marr make a descent in a tandem kayak. By 2014, the two kayakers had buzzed with their mad kayak video in the Lions Bay Row in British Columbia (Canada). They went back to round the round 2. But this time, they went down in tandem to have even more sensations. Be […]

A Couple Live With A Bear

While many have a dog, a cat, a hamster or a fish as a pet, Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko cohabit with a much larger and more unusual companion, a brown bear, they called him Stephan! Since 23 years, this Russian couple collected the wild animal when he was a cub of 3 months. He was […]

Game For Cats

Lam Qian made a wooden toy for his Scottish Fold a race of cat. He can play the game of the mole ! The cat must press a rod to push out the mole from his hole and try to catch it before it disappears. This is just so fun for one reason : If […]

How To Troll A Ram !

A man left a ball suspended on a string in the middle of a forest road near Nelson in New Zealand. Purpose of the operation: observe the reaction of Aries Rambro, also known as the "Angry Ram" when will cross this curious ball by taking the path with his family. As expected, Rambro does not […]

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