A little girl offering her meals to homeless

On August 31 Eddie Scott and his daughter Ella shared a meal at the restaurant Lallapalooza in Monterey, California. On the other side of the glass, a homeless man was sitting on a bench in the street. Seeing that Ella had barely touched her food, her father prompted her to bring his plate to the […]

How to f*ck a food gram

At the restaurant, a gilr planned to take a picture oh her plate to post on Instagram, but the guy has another idea in mind. While Sophie tries to find the perfect angle to post his pasta dish, her boyfriend Johny will play a trick. While the flash fires, Johny will ruin the photo of […]

How to seal food without air

Kenji Lopez, culinary director of the site "Serious Eats" demonstrated a technique for cleverly put food easily without vacuum packaging machine. It uses a zipped pouch that he gently immersed in a tank of cold water leaving a small opening. The air leaves the bag when it is immersed in water, then he completely close […]

No more food porn !

In his new ad, the Swedish company IKEA gently mocks the followers of the "food porn", a modern phenomenon which involves photographing his food, and to share photos with friends. Entitled "Let's relax", this ad features aristocratic seventeenth century who make a canvas of their meals so that it is seen by their friends. However, […]

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