A flying man brings the ball of the match

Sunday 28 May 2017 during the football final of the cup of Portugal between Benfica Lisbon and the Vitoria Guimarães, the ball was handed over to the referee by a man flying in hoverboard. Just like the green jester, Spiderman's iconic enemy, on his glider, the man crossed a part of the terrain by flying […]

Franky Zapata tests the Flyboard Air (Arizona)

Franky Zapata tests the Flybord air over Lake Havasu in Arizona. In March 2017, Frank Zapata had pushed a rant on his Facebook page after being summoned to the Air Force premises. He was told that in the event of a new flight, he would be put under review and risk a prison sentence. It […]

Tattoo of a Flying Phoenix

A tattooed phoenix gives the impression of flying when you shrug your shoulders. A woman tattooed on her back the drawing of a phoenix. When she shrugs, she moves the wings of the bird that gives the impression of flying. A tattoo created by Austrian tattoo artist André Zechmann.

"Elephlying" in Thailand

During a trip with friends in Thailand, Whitney Lavaux visited a shelter in Chiang Mai to see elephants, his favorite animal. During the visit, she approached a pachyderm into a basin and began to brush his trunk. Unfortunately for Whitney, the elephant apparently did not appreciate his presence and violently ejected the woman with his […]

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