Russian schoolgirls plays Ninja Warrior !

Three children in Ninja Warrior mode to go to school. The scene happened on 12 April 2017 in Omsk in Russia. To avoid getting your feet wet, three schoolgirls have climbed a fence and went over a giant puddle on the sidewalk.

Dumbass crosses a flooded river

A man trying to drive through a flooded River. The scene happened March 16, 2107 near Lima in Peru, now devastated by heavy rains. The Peruvian Regis has underestimated the power of the water and saw fit to cross a river in spate at the wheel of his car. As might be expected, the vehicle […]

Three deers on a frozen river in flood

On February 6, a girl and her boyfriend wanted to fish in the river Grande round near Troy, Oregon, when they noticed that the water course was flooded with pieces of ice floating on the surface. But while they were on a bridge to watch the River, they have seen three deer trapped on chunks […]

A woman on the roof of her car in a flood

Monday, November 28, 2016 around 14:20, a motorist tried to cross a flooded area at the port of Sagunto, Spain, despite the warnings announcing the danger. Quickly, her car began to take water and the woman had to leave the vehicle to take refuge on the roof. After putting on his backpack and boots, the […]

30 seconds more and she was drowning

Saturday, August 13, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a woman and her dog were trapped in her car in the flood. Fortunately, people came in boat to their rescue. A man jumped into the water to help the woman and her dog to get out of the car that was drowning. It was very close, […]

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