Crazy hungry fishes !!!

On board a boat, a man throws a tuna at big-headed jacks. The fish rushed to the prey before it even touched the water waving the sea in an impressive way. Food Frenzy (jacks) ate the tuna in a matter of seconds. The trevally or Caranx ignobilis is a large fish size of up to […]

Dolphins are smarter than humans to fish :-)

Dolphins surround fish by creating a mud net. In this excerpt from the BBC's One Life reportage, we can see dolphins using an ingenious technique to catch fish more easily. In shallow water, they swim in circles by wagging their tails near the sand in order to create a mud net in order to trap […]

Water skiing vs fish

During a water-skiing in the Japan, Miroku took a fish between his legs. The fish decided to jump out of the water just to the passage of the skier and did a nice nutshot.

A fish mind another fish

A goby is trolling an other goby who dug a small cave under a rock in an aquarium store Seaside Tropical Fish in Los Angeles, California. While the second is busy digging a hole by removing the sand with his mouth, the first seems to take pleasure in systematically sand back into the cave. The […]

Example of a DDoS attack

A fishing party illustrates a DDoS attack. Fishermen stand standing in a river with a net to catch the fish, but they are more than more and eventually make fishing impossible. Reminder: DDoS is a denial of service attack whose principle is to flood servers connections to paralyze them and make it unavailable to a […]

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