Dumbass uses a fire extinguisher !

In a service station in Russia, a man accidentally sets fire to the tank of his car recklessly approaching a lighter flame. Immediately, a station employee grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher to put out the flames, but he fails like a boss 🙂

How to get rid of old paper like a champ ?

In Germany, a young man decides to get rid of a pile of paper burning in his garden... SPOILER : At the time of setting fire to the papers, the heap violently explodes, scattering pieces of burning paper in the garden. It seems that the young man has put a bit of gasoline on the […]

Driving on highway with three wheels

What can you do when you miss one wheel on your pickup ? Oh, yeah, nothing ! And this is exactly what this guy does and he evens ride on the highway. You can notice that he let his arm coming out of the windows like if everything was normal. And when his car is […]

422 dead cars !

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 in the early afternoon, 422 cars were destroyed and 9 partially damaged by a fire that broke out in a parking lot of music and dance festival "Andanças" Castelo de Vide, Portugal. The origin of the fire was due to a car that was ignited by accident in the parking lot. […]

Beautiful windmill in fire

In a wind park near Coimbatore, India, a wind turbine caught fire due to a technical problem. Increasingly turning quickly, one of the blades began to draw a huge spiral of smoke before all decays.

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