The Russian way to ends campfire !

Here are the Russian method to put out a campfire. An Ilyushin Il-76 water bomber aircraft dumped more than 42 000 liters of water on a fire camp and two people (including one who films). The scene took place on the military base of Seshcha West of the Russia. It was an exercise to test […]

A gas bottle exploded during a fire

An apartment catches fire and explodes the bottle of gas on the balcony. The scene filmed by a neighbour went Wednesday, February 1 shortly before 5 p.m. in a building at 14 dead end of the cemetery of cross-sea bream North of Toulouse. Firefighters were on hand to extinguish a fire in an apartment located […]

Classroom experience with a flaming bottle

In a classroom, a chemistry professor achieves a spectacular experience with an empty water tank and gas. He injects gas into the cylinder, then ignites it with a match. The fire then burns inside the cylinder while being expelled through the neck. When the flame begins to disappear, the teacher places his hand on the […]

A hairdresser sets on fire hair of his client !

In a hairdresser in India, a hairdresser applies products to the hair of his client, then he ignites the hair while combing them with two combs. A strange technique whose reason remains to be discovered. Still, the customer must certainly have great confidence in the professional.

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