A man defends himself against a girl

Quietly seated on a swing, a rather imposing man must defend himself against a girl who physically assaults him during a Russian reality show broadcast on the TV channel THT ... SPOILER: The man catches The girl and throws her into a pool. Always angry, and completely wet, the candidate returns to the charge, but […]

KO from nowhere !

During a fight, a man made a nice knock came from elsewhere! While his opponent tried to hit him several times unsuccessfully, he will retaliate by performing a flipped kick that will knock him out.

Brawl and bumper on a parking lot

In the parking lot of a city in the United States, two women fight but the fight will quickly degenerate partly from bumper. After fighting on the floor of the car park, the two women are going to get into their car (a Rav4 and a BMW) and will have fun to turn in in […]

Bouncer vs hungry customers

The bouncer at the Woolshed Bar in Dublin, Ireland, fights two disgruntled customers in the street. He sends several big punches in the faces of the young boys, one of them falling to the ground, KO.

Fight in a Ryanair plane

Thursday, November 3, 2016 in a Ryanair flight that linked Brussels (Belgium) and Malta, two passengers fought in flight. In the video, one can see two men give violent punches. Passengers and airline staff tried to separate them, but without success. The commander also spoke at the microphone, "This is totally unacceptable! ". Eventually, he […]

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