When you get to know your opponent (MMA)

Saturday, March 11, 2017, during a fight in the UFC Fight Night 106 organized in Fortaleza, in the Brazil, the Brazilian fighter Edson Barboza has come to know his opponent, the Iranian Beneil Dariush, before the fatal blow. Noting that the latter performed regularly linking punch to the face/legs, Edson Barboza waited the right time, […]

How to stop a street fight?

A man found a technique to disperse young people who were going to fight. March 13, 2017, in the city of UFA in Russia, a man in his apartment downstairs from his home noticed a group of teenagers who was harassing a teenager. He decided to intervene by placing a speaker on the windowsill and […]

Uber driver VS cyclist (Paris)

A road rage between a Uber driver and a cyclist in Paris. Joe, a tourist visiting Paris, had ordered a car Uber. During the trip, a cyclist hit the rearview mirror of the car. The angry Uber driver got out of his car and ran after the cyclist to battle it out with him. The […]

Brawl on a construction site

On a construction site in Israel, a wheel loader driver is blaming a casualty agent in a rather unexpected way ... SPOILER: Driver moves into machine drive and returns agent's car Overlap with its bucket.

MMA fighter KO while mocking his opponent :-)

Last Sunday, when the British Challenge MMA of Colchester, England, MMA fighter British Joe Harding faced the French Johan Segas for the title in the amateur of the 61-66 kg category. During the battle, English fun to perform some dance steps repeatedly to roast his opponent. An excess of confidence that finally earned him his […]

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