New fighting technique for sumo

Chiyonokuni and Takanoyama are two sumo wrestlers. During this fight, the sumo on the right finds a good idea to win. The wrestler uses the opponent weight in his advantage. Indeed, his sumo opponent runs to him as soons as the arbitrator gives the "GO". The sumo on the right just escapes his opponent causing […]

Born for action

Nedžad Kličić, too difficult to remember his name I prefer RAMBO ! This guy was crazy with this guns, he was arrested in 2010 when the bosnian police saw this video. Unfortunately he was kill in a bar in 2014 by three guys heavily armed.

Employee of the month

This guy is really pissed off to get fired, he begins to break everything in the Macdonald's. He has lot of imagination to insult his manager 🙂

Crazy kung-fu

You don't believe me, this guy : Kacper Borowski has made knife nunchuku ! And he has a serious talent with it. Nope, no fall in this vidéo only great skills.

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