Double KO in Muay Thai

A double knockdown during a Muay Thai fight. During a muay Thai fight between the American Dorian Price and the Frenchman Jonathan Libby, the two boxers took to KO at the same time. The first double double knock down in the history of Muay Thai. Libby has put knockdown the American elbow and has been […]

Erdoğan's bodyguards attack demonstrators

The bodyguards of the Turkish President Erdoğan attack protesters. On Tuesday, 16 May 2017 in Washington, USA, clashes took place between pro-Kurdish demonstrators and Erdogan's security guards. After an interview with Donald Trump at the White House, Erdoğan went to the Turkish embassy. In his passage, he met with Kurdish demonstrators who protested against his […]

Instant Karma for two drunken guys

Last November, two drunken customers complained about not be served fairly quickly in a restaurant Doner King in Hilversum, the Netherlands. One of the men got angry and threw chairs on the staff. Faced with this, another customer who ate quietly intervened to calm the abuser, but the latter's friend tried to stop him by […]

How not to protect his dog from a cat attack

A woman trying to protect her dog on a leash to a cat attack. On a sidewalk, a woman with her little dog on a leash has entered a building, but found herself face to face with a cat not convenient. The cat went into attack mode and jumped on the dog. Seeing this, the […]

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