Kid VS Goat fart ???

A little boy brushes a goat when the animal contracts suddenly by releasing a flatulence. Frightened, the child pushes a cry away from the goat.

Accident during a weight training session

Helped by his friends, a young man evacuates the pressure by lifting a bar of 85 kg in bench press during a weight training session. SPOILER: Failing to raise the bar, the young man drop a fat pet during the effort, what amuses a lot friends.

A cat farts on the nose of another cat

A cat makes a funny head when he feels the fart of another cat after having planted his nose in the anus of the latter. A grimace called "Flehmen reaction", a characteristic attitude common to several mammals, due to the organ of Jacobson allowing the cat to taste the smells with its vomero-nasal organ. He […]

Some serious facts here ! (farts)

Sometimes, you really have to know what's going on behind you and I'm here to help you with that. A very informative and scientific post on this website. It's pretty rare we're going this deep in details to analyse a such situation. So, watch this video and learn everything about farts on thermal camera 🙂

A great Power

This French short film is... Really cool ! In this video you see a guy in his office and he is this type : " the funny guy " and obviously he is not really funny, with his old jokes... But he finds a strange box with a bubble wrap. When he explodes a bubble […]

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