Trees fall on a car

In may 2014 (the dashcam date was not correctly set), a car was travelling on the chain of mountains of the Low Tatras, in Slovakia, when several trees fold on the road, one after the other, in front of the vehicle. The driver tried to avoid the accident by making a reverse, but also other […]

A skater falls in front of the finish line...

The Elma de Vries skater fall a few meters before arrival after 200 km of racing. During the marathon skating Alternative Elfstedentocht Weissensee in Austria, the Dutch skater Elma de Vries was leading the race when she fell 20 meters before arrival. Its competitors right behind him exceeded while she slid on his stomach on […]

Call 911 !!!

A child trying to get down a staircase to ATV. But everything will not happen as planned. Seeing the child lose control of the situation, a woman's going to shout "Call 911!". Finally, the child ended up in turning against a wall along the stairs. The video has been parodied and remixed with music The […]

A police dog dropped a woman on train tracks

Last Sunday, the dog of a policeman knocked down a woman on a railway at the central station of Nuremberg, Germany. The police officer was holding his dog on a leash while he was conducting patrols on the station platform when a woman is placed near the animal never stopped barking. Surprised, the muzzled dog […]

A motorcycle runs alone on a frozen lake

A motorcycle moving alone on a frozen lake and was able to get rid of his driver at the time to ride. She uses this moment of freedom to walk on the ice while other bikers try to stop him. Determined to continue its merry escapade, the bike is still firmly standing on its two […]

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