A pedestrian straightens a traffic light

A pedestrian wants to straighten out a traffic light that is not quite right near a pedestrian crossing in Kemerovo, Russia. The man grabbed a piece of wood on the sidewalk and slightly push the fire so that it is perfectly straight. Unfortunately, the fire is not properly attached to the ground and crashed on […]

A horse starts to run with a not enough experienced rider (POV)

In the United Kingdom, Nick Bull went for a walk in nature with Shamrock, a retired race horse when the animal suddenly starts to run on the dirt road. Far from also experienced a jockey, Nick Bull trying somehow to hang on at Shamrock him screaming to stop, but the horse continues his crazy race […]

A myotonic goat jumps on a swing

Accompanied by her sister Lucy, the dwarf goat made Ricky a fall by jumping on a garden swing. Suffering from congenital myotonia, Ricky muscles block at the time where the animal too excited standing on the porch swing. Completely frozen, Ricky fell so by falling backwards.

An athlete loses a race due to an elastic

Last Friday, the Irish University Championships, the athlete Aengus Meldon was an unlikely incident during a semi-final of the 800 m. While the rider began the HomeStretch in head, he was struck by a rubber band from a long necklace which was warming up a pole vaulter. Bothered by the object that wrapped itself around […]

Bad day for a cheerleader

Last night, during a game of college basketball in the United States between the Bruins of UCLA and the Oregon Ducks, the cheerleader Sophie-CARISMA-Petrie did a nasty fall during the formation of a pyramid. Then, a man rushed to take her in his arms to evacuate it in the locker room. Unfortunately, he slipped out […]

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