Sleeping dog is sleeping

This dog is sleeping on the couch and having a bad dream. He falls like a big bag of potatoes, yeah exactly like that ! It's pretty funny but look at is owner, it's pretty funny too... You know what I mean ? No ? Maybe this little picture will help you 😉

Coach catches twice his gymnast

The International Gymnix 2015 (junior cup) shows some impressive action. Sara Berardinelli is a young Italian gymnast of horizontal bar. During her trial, she misses twice a figure but her coach catches her to avoid a big fall. I hope she will be better next year. 😉


Today after Japan, we travel in Russia to see this beautiful snowfall hits this poor passing. Frequently, Russian people use dashcam in cars because it's one of the country where in cars accident, peoples are violent. And thanks for that, because lot of fails come from RUSSIA and these cams 😀

A couple falls in a hole

In South Korea at a tramway station, a couple goes down of the wagon and walks to the side. Suddenly, the ground falls down under their feets. The height of the hole measures 6.5 feets. fortunately the couple is fine, they suffered minor injuries (firemen source).

Reporter takes a sailor man down in water

During an interview on a fancy boat, this journalist loses balance and relies on a man on the edge of the boat. Unfortunately this man falls in the water, both mans succeed to back up the guy. He is very angry with the reporter because his watch is definitely not water resistant. What a shame […]

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