Everybody love fails. You to watch some fail in videos ? Just hit this page !

A pedestrian straightens a traffic light

A pedestrian wants to straighten out a traffic light that is not quite right near a pedestrian crossing in Kemerovo, Russia. The man grabbed a piece of wood on the sidewalk and slightly push the fire so that it is perfectly straight. Unfortunately, the fire is not properly attached to the ground and crashed on […]

Dumbass passes under a bridge with its cargo ship

The captain of a cargo ship decides to pass under a bridge too low. April 1, 2017, near the city of Zhuhai, to the West of Hong Kong, China, the captain of a cargo ship made a big mistake of appreciation while trying to pass on the bridge Lin Kai. Result, the top of the […]

Fail in car with police

A motorist rush double a queue of cars. Saturday, April 1, 2017 on a country road in Poland, a motorist began to overtake several cars which were not rolling enough quickly. No luck, the car in front which slowed everyone was a police car which turned left at the same time. The driver had no […]

Jump fail in French TV show

Last Friday in the show "Survivor" broadcast on TF1 (France), Félicie candidate lived a moment of solitude during the test of the pottery, game that is to jump over the water to break small pots hung in the air. Highly motivated, the young woman is slim on the pontoon to try, in turn, to break […]

How not to protect his dog from a cat attack

A woman trying to protect her dog on a leash to a cat attack. On a sidewalk, a woman with her little dog on a leash has entered a building, but found herself face to face with a cat not convenient. The cat went into attack mode and jumped on the dog. Seeing this, the […]

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