Everybody love fails. You to watch some fail in videos ? Just hit this page !

Prank fail

A child tries to scare his father into hiding in a dumpster. Shiloh wanted to make a joke to his father by hiding in the trash but everything is not unfolded as planned spoiler: the child then patiently waits for his father to come to get rid of garbage bags, but he had a little […]

Bungee jumping with an elastic too long

A girl jumps to the elastic with an elastic too long. The scene went to Bolivia on the bridge of La Negra between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. A young woman ran out of a bridge to make a bungee jump, but finished her race 15 meters lower by making a big dish in the river. […]

lawnmower fail !

A woman has forgotten something important before mowing his lawn. From the window of his house, a man filming his neighbour who mows the lawn with an electric mower. But she seems to have a lot of trouble. And for good reason, she has not plugged in the power cable. She uses the mower off! […]

Opening a keg of beer Fail

Opening a beer keg goes as planned. In a tavern in Bavaria in Germany (during the beer Aischgründer Bierstrasse road), a young man trying to open a beer keg. Using a hammer, tap in a tap to drill the barrel, he breaks without intentionally make the pitcher intended to relaying the beer. After picking up […]

A ferry hit the dock of a port

Yesterday in the evening, a ferry of the company Naviera Armas was a manoeuvre to leave the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, when a power outage to caused the loss of engines, then sending the boat and its 140 passengers crashing against the wharf of the port. A few […]

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