Everybody love fails. You to watch some fail in videos ? Just hit this page !

Cat VS plastic bag

A cat is mounted on the table to inspect a plastic bag, but will soon regret it. While his master was eating, a cat was mounted on the table attracted by the smell of a plastic bag. The curious cat came inside the bag, but it got tangled and fell off the table. Panicked, the […]

A car tries an artistic overrun

When a fan of Sébastien Loeb and Philippe Candeloro tries an artistic overrun. On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, a motorist wanted to double a car on an avenue in Haifa, in Israel, but his vehicle collided with the rear of the car and made a spectacular cask before hitting a lamppost and immobilized on the […]

The worst claw machine in the world !

A child has finally managed to catch an object in the pliers machine. Using a steering wheel, he directs the pliers to a green plastic ball and manages to catch it! The clamp heads over the hole to release the ball to the exit, but no luck, it bounces and returns with the other balls.

Prank fail

A child tries to scare his father into hiding in a dumpster. Shiloh wanted to make a joke to his father by hiding in the trash but everything is not unfolded as planned spoiler: the child then patiently waits for his father to come to get rid of garbage bags, but he had a little […]

Bungee jumping with an elastic too long

A girl jumps to the elastic with an elastic too long. The scene went to Bolivia on the bridge of La Negra between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. A young woman ran out of a bridge to make a bungee jump, but finished her race 15 meters lower by making a big dish in the river. […]

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