I Really, Really, Really Like This Image

Hot Dad has produced a video clip for his song 'I Really, Really, Really Like This Image' he wrote with comments of a hedgehog photo posted on Facebook. The lyrics are based on a conversation about the same Naked Banana, who was born on April 27, 2010 on Facebook. This meme represents a "naked" banana […]

Virtual reality live demo by Mark Zuckerberg

On stage during the Oculus Connect, Zuckerberg made a demonstration of virtual reality bluffing before his audience. By putting his mask, the boss of Facebook is thus faced with the avatars of Lucy and Michael. Even if the two people are not physically present in the room, the avatar displays facial expressions (smile, surprise, confused […]

Facebook slideshow fail

Josh Gibson uses "Slideshow", a Facebook feature that automatically creates memories videos as a slideshow with some pictures taken during the last 24 hours by the user's smartphone. But this time, Slideshow made a bad pick using a folder that stored photos in a traffic accident in which Josh has almost lost his life. Indeed, […]

Check out this creepy interview of Mark Zuckerberg !

Of course this is not the real interview but this remix is so funny, you have to see it. At the beginning you're going to cringe then you will laugh out loud cause of this weird situation. I want this to continue forever. Sincerely I don't like Mark that much and to see him in […]

Facebook VS reality

I love this type of realizations, when they show us how much the social network is ridiculous if you abuse obviously... A lot of these stagings are near of the truth, maybe you have made this type of pictures yourself ? If it's true, just calm down and breath slowly, turn off your computer and […]

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