Snowboarder towed by a plane

For those in a hurry skip to 3:15. How lame is that, you know how much I hate snowboarder but this one is a special one... NO, just kidding, this one is like all snowboarders a douchebag 🙂 Why does he take a fucking plane to towed him ? WHY ? Is there any sense […]

Freeride world tour

So beautiful... Amazing lands and beautiful shooting, again by Red Bull, this guy : Fabian Lentsch is crazy ! He's doing a world tour of freeride where nobody skiing.

Bike race through shopping mall

This video is awesome. The biker Hannes Slavik races through a shopping center in Czech republic. The race is pretty tight an he is always brushed past the public. This race is named Arkády DownMall.

Base Jump

Red bull is known for making extreme sports videos, it is currently the largest sponsor for skateboarding,base-jump , motocross or BMX. This video of base-jump is happening in Moab Utah on fishers tower, guys are impressive and are incredibly accurate . I let you admire the beauty of the landscape.

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