Snowboarder towed by a plane

For those in a hurry skip to 3:15. How lame is that, you know how much I hate snowboarder but this one is a special one... NO, just kidding, this one is like all snowboarders a douchebag 🙂 Why does he take a fucking plane to towed him ? WHY ? Is there any sense […]

Freeride world tour

So beautiful... Amazing lands and beautiful shooting, again by Red Bull, this guy : Fabian Lentsch is crazy ! He's doing a world tour of freeride where nobody skiing.

Base Jump

Red bull is known for making extreme sports videos, it is currently the largest sponsor for skateboarding,base-jump , motocross or BMX. This video of base-jump is happening in Moab Utah on fishers tower, guys are impressive and are incredibly accurate . I let you admire the beauty of the landscape.

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