Wakesurfing without boat driver

The wakesurfeur Oliver Lawson posted a video where he enjoys wakesurf with nobody to drive of his boat (this is called ghostriding). On a lake in Switzerland, he settled down behind his boat and filmed with his selfie stick. It is necessary to know that to wakesurf, the surfer is not bound to the boat […]

Extreme Excavator

An operator in a excavator performs a delicate operation: he goes down a wall of several meters with his machine. he will be helped by the dipper arm and then he will slide like a boss, the operation seems normal but this is a really hard to do ! And if the guy would failed, […]

Crazy Man With A Train

On 27 July 2015 a crossing in Channelview, Texas, a driver filmed a man have fun doing somersaults under a bandwagon. he will make a first roll and retraces his steps, then make a second that will allow him to cross the road. Union Pacific railroad company who has seen the video of course condemn […]

Bow and Arrows

In this new video, the Australian youtuber of the Primitive Technology show us how to construct a bow and arrows using only tools and primitive techniques. The ow is released since a tree trunk cut in 2 pieces and sculpted with stone tools. It measures 50 inches, the rope is fabricated with internal fibers of […]

The future in Xtreme sports ?

This idea is just crazy ! After the wing-suit Aaron Wypyszynski invented a new extreme sports for the sky, the wingboarding. I will describe this invention for you, imagine a melting between the Wing-suit and the jet-ski. You are on a wing standing, and you are towed by a plane ! Aaron never tested his […]

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