An electric circuit of small cars powered by bikes !!!

An electric circuit of small cars to be installed in all the gyms. During the Selfy Fest 2017 in Isparta, Turkey, a festival organised by the operator Turk Telekom, an electric road circuit not like the others was installed. The circuit was powered by the electricity produced by the apartment bikes. He who pedaled the […]

A MTB stuck in an electric fence

In the United Kingdom, cyclists face a big problem: one of them wanted to ride his bike over a fence, but when he realized that it was electrified he Dropped his bike that was then stuck on the fence. In the middle of an extremely humid environment, the group of friends does not know how […]


On board a fishing vessel, two fishermen are trying to raise with hands, a line witch is on the deck. The line in question is a marbled electric line, also known as electric line, capable of producing and releasing an electrical discharge whose voltage can reach 40 times 220 V with a power of 10 […]

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