Cell division of a Frog egg (Timelapse)

Spectacular cell division of an egg frog (Rana temporaria) filmed over a period of 33 hours and presented through a timelapse of 23 seconds. About 3 hours after the sperm penetration, 2 plans of the divisions share the egg into 4 cells, then divisions quickly turns until you reach nearly 4 million cells. A few […]

Throw eggs

During a winter day in a property of Sweden, two men wait the arrival of their friend for throw eggs on his car. When the pal arrives, they can start to throw the foods but the friend want to defend his property and goes out of his vehicle. But he forgot the handbrake and the […]

A snake robs an egg in the kitchen

Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), a couple got a surprise on entering the kitchen. They see a snake trying to eat an egg. Fortunately he is not poisonous, the Elaphe likes to eat eggs and small rodents. This snake is entered by a hole in the floor of their laundry. After the video the couple waited […]

Surprise eggs in an itinerant cook

An Indian itinerant cook is cooking a plate with eggs and makes an incredible discovery. When he breaks the second egg, a young chicken leaves his shells. But it is not finished, when the chef breaks the others eggs, others chicks falls in the saucepan. This story does not say what will be the future […]

Transparent egg

Yep ,it's useless. Like every YouTube videos nope ? #badjoke 🙂 So, if you don't know how to make an egg transparent, here is how to do it. If you find some good application to this experiment, just let a comment in the comment form to let us know why you did it.

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