A dog found the perfect stick

A German shepherd found the perfect stick to play with but there is a problem: it is a branch and it is always attached to a tree. The dog jumps to catch the stick, remains hooked, shakes with all its strength, but the branch remains well attached to its tree.

Dumbest guy in the universe

This guy called Ernest Acosta is the perfect dumbass, he got everything to look dumb. He is way too strong, he got lot of tattoos, he wear fake patch, he got a tattoo of a f*king scare through his eye... This poor guy has nothing for him and he confirms it in this splendid challenge […]

Lucky and Idiot guy

Don't worry this video does not contain violent images ! Lying down on his bed, a man plays to the russian roulette with a true gun. If the first try, nothing happened but the second try is not the same story... You can see clearly the bullet crossing his head but don't worry this is […]

This Woman is a Cat ?

I quit, sincerely ? I really want to quit my job. When I must to watch this type of horror... My eyes still bleed ! This Norwegian woman think she is a cat in his mind and not really a human, and she believes in this crap, she meows and she has a friend like […]

Scared dog

This dog asks himself about the life, why we are here ? God is real ? Why we all die one day ? I'm not really honest, this dog is just really dumb, and he is afraid just by a little feather... Look at his reaction ! He is look like really stupid ! It's […]

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